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5 make-up and skincare products that the world is freaking out about here in the USA

These are the products I've heard most about here in the US

The concealer of the moment, especially for those with dry skin

This natural ingredient moisturizer from the brand that everyone loves around here has already won a number of awards. I tried it on at Credo Beauty and I loved it

The price is quite steep but this highlighter is one of the only ones I've tested that you just need to put it on top of the sunscreen and it already looks like "you've left the beach and you've got makeup on

The product of the moment to make that little bun without a thread sticking out

This would be the product I would throw myself into if I wanted to pay $50 for a foundation. It is like a serum with color, SPF, hyaluronic acid (anti-wrinkles), niacinamide (anti-dark spots) and squalane. PERFECT.

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