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WELCOME TO YOUR SAFE PLACE. WE WANT everyone who walks by to feel prepared   to live an intentional and rewarding life, being the best version of themselves


The online magazine was born from the blog of digital influencer Paula Bedran, which over the course of 7 years, brought together several brands for dissemination on social networks. Paula is a journalist and authority on sustainable fashion covering the world's top fashion weeks.

As a result, Joana Aleixo joined up with journalist and publicist Joana Aleixo to bring an online product with journalistic quality about: Life Style, Fashion, Beauty and Travel.

Who is Paula?

Paula Bedran is an administrator by training and a journalist at heart. After a few years in the world of finance and too far from the world of fashion, her true passion, she decided to embark on the world of blogs. But after some time experiencing so many people paralyzed by the excess of toxic information coming from the internet, Paula realized that her purpose was much greater and now she is willing to help 

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