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My first post

Okay, so this really isn´t my first post. I started this blog almost 5 years ago and overnight I lost everything that I´d ever written, because I forgot to renew my GoDaddy account. But I like to call it fate. When stuff like this happen and you´re forced to start from scratch, it oftentimes means that the old energy wasn´t doing it for you anymore. So be it. I must confess that things came such a long way from where I started. Just so you new people understand, this was was originally a fashion and lifestyle blog in which I shared accessible fashion tips. However, halfway along the line I just realized that accessible fashion meant buying from fast fashion brands, and always buying new stuff to keep things interesting, and that was so different from everything I believed fashion to be, and although I went on the occasional shopping spree in the nearest Zara or F21, there was no way that I would truly make them the protagonist of my blog.

I grew up in Brazil and went to school in the U.S. and worked in finance in NYC straight after college, meaning that I went from a devalued currency to a student allowance and on to a salary that in no way could afford New York rent, cabs in the freezing cold, wine to keep me warm and dinners to have a merely decent social life and also all the designer clothes that were just an elevator ride away (I worked at Madison and 54th, right behind the Saks building and lived on Madison and 66th, right above the Armani store). So you can imagine that there was a small scream of joy when a coworker of mine introduced me to the wonders of ebay and when I actually found out the underworld of New York second hand stores (that was back in the day when Second Time around was of brick & mortar and you found Pucci shirts in every Goodwill store in Manhattan). So the thing is, second hand shopping is a no return path, and one thing leads to another and next thing you know you´re just binge watching TED talks on the amount of damage the fashion industry does to the planet and swearing on your Girl Boss friends' lives that you will never ever walk in to an H&M store again or throw a piece of clothing in the trash. Better yet, you start a blog and decide to share everything you know and learn, and will learn with your cyber friends who are not yet quite awake as you are, not because you're in any way smarter or better than them, but just because this kind of information doesn't go around as it should (or they´d have to wave Mr. Ortega´s giant Inditex profits a huge good-bye). So here I am, with my first post as . I hope you find everything you want to know when it comes to sustainability and if you don´t, please do not hesitate to reach out to me, and I´ll be more than happy to answer your questions and maybe even write a blog post about it. Who knows?

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